A couple things that we have found useful in keeping our dogs busy are treat balls, snuffle mats and treat puzzles. The weather does not always make it easy to get out with your dog for a walk. On rainy days or just trying to occupy your dogs time on a busy afternoon. With this treat ball we have dusted the regular kibble with freeze dried chicken liver pieces and it makes their regular food a tasty snack. This is Ari who is our cocker spaniel. She is a great example of how it keeps them entertained. She is a bit of a treat ball hog at the moment because she is expecting in November. She played until the last piece dropped. The only thing about the treat ball is that it has rolled under something and it takes us a bit to find it but totally worth it.

Treat Ball https://amzn.to/46FyDku

Snuffle Mats https://amzn.to/46KgO3N

Treat Puzzle https://amzn.to/48OwfK8

Freeze Dried Chicken Liver Treats https://pawtree.com/minigolden/product/2409

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