Spreading Happiness. One Puppy at a Time.

We as a family ensure that our Dames, Sires, and each litter receive the healthiest dog food we are capable of sourcing. We not only use science to give our puppies the best start nutritionally, but also employ the research of science and make sure to begin neurological stimulation as soon as possible. With neurological stimulation, your puppy will have the ability to cope with stressful situations. It will also boost your puppy’s immune system and boost their cardiovascular system, as well as gain greater resistance to disease.


Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

We Found A Couple Gems

We love when we find items that help to keep the dogs entertained. We have treat dispensing balls, snuffle mats and a treat pouch for keeping your dogs focus on you.

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Rainbo from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Rainbo Log: Day Two

Rainbo in her second day after her litter mates have gone home. She started doing a little it of training and continues to learn in her play as well. She is doing good picking up the flow of the household and uses a doggy door to potty.

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