Available miniature golden retriever puppy from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens.

Tex Gets Leash And Walk Training.

Tex The Mini Golden Puppy With Leash Training

Tex is an adorable mini golden puppy that is still looking for his forever home. Until then we want to make sure that he is getting all the exposure he needs to continue his socialization. Socialization is started by the breeder but must be carried on to make sure you have a level headed dog as an adult. Trust me. You want your puppy getting all the experiences with new places, people and animals as possible in their younger years. The more your dog is exposed to the better for him handling and dealing with new situations as they come.

This is just a short video of Tex’s adventure and also to give you a bit more insight to how we do this. Patience and consistency is key in regards to any training. Leash training is no different. The more you do it the easier it will get because it becomes routine.

A couple things that were not captured on video is making sure you own the walk when leaving the house and coming back. Have your dog sit and wait. Start to open the door and if they get up make sure close the door and patiently wait for them to sit again. Do this over and over until they get it. Now you are the first one out or in the door every time. Just start it as a habit from the start. Look at that gorgeous boys stride. You can tell that he is also modeling his behavior off some of the older. Which can be a helpful hint to anyone that is a multi dog house hold like we are.

If you would like more information about Tex you can find that here https://robynsnestminigoldens.com/miniature-golden-retriever-puppies/

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