Meet Our Beautiful Family of Sires

Adorable Miniature Golden Retriever puppies. All dogs are ethically bred and get to live their Best Lives with us in our home or a guardian home. All puppies our loved by our family. We try to bring you a superior puppy!

Current Sires Of Robyn’s Nest

Bear GRRR'S oF Robyn's Nest.

Bear GRRR’S is one of the best dogs we’ve had. He has such a calm and easy going personality. He is always so eager to snuggle and is so patient with all the kids, other dogs, and puppies that we have in this household. Very quick to alarm us if something doesn’t feel right to him. He loves most every human and dog that we meet. And to top all that off he is Gorgeous! His English cream fur will help make some beautiful puppies! He is 56 lbs full grown, 21 inches tall and has produced puppies in the 40 lbs range. They have been English Cream, light golden and two tone beauties. OFA of hips and elbows are good.

Likely heavy/seasonal shedding (CT)

Floyd Of Robyn's Nest.

Meet Floyd, a stunning light golden miniature golden retriever who serves as a proud sire for Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. At 45 pounds when fully grown, he is the epitome of grace and elegance. As one of the original puppies from our esteemed bloodlines, Floyd carries the legacy of excellence and beauty. But it’s not just his looks that make him special; his easy-going nature and fun-loving personality make him a joy to be around. With a heart full of love and a demeanor that radiates warmth, Floyd is truly a remarkable companion. He has produced English Cream, light golden puppies. OFA of

Likely heavy/seasonal shedding (CT)

Featured - Taylor's Bentley Treasure

From Taylormade Miniature Golden Retrievers

Meet Bentley and he is 100% AKC English Cream Golden Retriever, however, he happens to be very small for his breed. He comes from Russian, Hungarian, and Polish lines. He is a AKC & IDCR Golden Retriever that is 36 lbs. full grown and 20” inches tall at shoulder. He is a rare gem, and an excellent sire for our breeding program! We had him evaluated by 3 of our veterinarians at different clinics and he is in excellent health, just a perfect mini size.

Bentley has the most loving, calm disposition. He has been a wonderful therapy dog to our son.

Puppy Colors: Bentley’s puppies are white, cream, light gold, and gold depending on the dam he is bred to. He has cream colored puppies if bred to an English Cream dam.

Health Testing: OFA heart normal; Penn Hip; OFA normal Elbows and patellas; Embark Gentics clear of Genetic diseases; He is a carrier of Ichthyosis and not affected, we test our females to make sure he is not bred to a carrier.

Likely light to moderate shedding (TT)

Featured - Pine

From Taylormade Miniature Golden Retrievers


Miniature Golden Retriever

16 lbs full grown

Want all the qualities of the perfect pup in smaller sizes? Look no further! We have Pine who is our featured Sire from Taylormade Mini Goldens. We have a litter planned with Ari beginning of 2023. 

Pine has a bright personality and helps brighten any room he walks into. The mix of Pine and Ari is going to be adorable!

Featured Sire Flint Steele

IDCR Miniature Goldendoodle

39 lbs

21” tall

Flint is a handsome Red colored Miniature Goldendoodle with the look of the Miniature Golden Retriever. He shines with his beautiful silky coat and stunning face. He is a mix of Golden Retriever, standard poodle, and small Poodle. He is registered with the International Designer Canine Registry. He is extremely low shedding and hypoallergenic. He has a sweet, engaging, loving disposition. Flint is from KZ Kennels

Health Testing: Embark clear of potential diseases. Flint does carry a one copy of the variant CDDY/IVDD, Type I IVDD. He is not affected.

PennHip low risk of hip dysplasia

OFA Hip good hip conformation

OFA Patella no evidence of luxation in left and right Patella

OFA Heart normal

OFA elbows no evidence of elbow dysplasia

Studding From Robyn's Nest Mini Goldens

Please contact Robyn directly at 417-268-5465. We can ship Sperm or discuss other options. Please call before heat cycle to reserve your stud for the expected heat cycle month. This will insure the stud you are wanting is not used in any other mating in that months time period. We will always have sperm count analyzed by a vet to insure his potential. Robyn’s Nest fee for a Studding is first pick of the litter.

English cream miniature golden retriever in sunlight