Healthy & Wholesome Diets For Our Dogs

Healthy and Wholesome Diets for all our parent dogs and our miniature golden retriever puppies!

Proper nutrition is important

Paw Tree.

Our puppies receive more than cuddles and nurturing. PawTree makes sure they get the nutrition they need. We ensure that our pets are fed all the necessary nutrients starting in utero until weaning time. The Dames are fed a well-balanced diet so that the puppies have the best chance of starting off life healthy and strong. With PawTree’s EZ Ship option, you no longer need to make those last minute trips to the store because your pet is out of food. Delivered to your door on a schedule so you are never at a loss. Your puppy will start on a Quality All Life Stages formula. I truly care and love these fur babies and since they start with me and I carry the liability of the Health Guarantee I do require everyone that is purchasing a puppy to have their puppy on PawTree EZ ship. It will need to be set up at least 10 days prior to your puppy arriving home.

Nutritionally Sound Food.

We all know that having a healthy diet can lead to a healthier body. Especially as we get older. The same goes for our puppies. You put in the best to get the best results. Trying to prevent problems before they arise.