Meet Our Beautiful Family of Dames

Adorable Miniature Golden Retriever puppies. All dogs are ethically bred and get to live their Best Lives with us in our home or a guardian home. All puppies our loved by our family. We try to bring you a superior puppy!

Miss Money Penny of Robyn's Nest.

Miss Money Penny is our beautiful Mini Golden Retriever. She is such a good momma and has such a sweet and curious disposition. She has always been extremely intelligent and a tad stubborn. We refer to her as princess because she is so graceful and a bit picky. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for her loves and affections though with a gentle paw tugging your hand to pet her. This girl stole our hearts from the get go!

Arowyn oF Robyn's Nest.

This girl is so much packed into a small package! She is extremely curious and is always right by my side. She definitely has a good amount of energy and is as quick as a jack rabbit! She is our most lovable dog and will curl right up in your arms while watching. She is very smart and has always responded well to positive reinforcements. Picks up a scent and will be off in a hurry if off leash. She is always one of our best sources of entertainment. I am so excited to see the puppies she brings in to our lives!
Likely light to moderate shedding (TT)

Rain of Robyn's Nest.

This sweet girl is so nice to have around! She is very smart and cuddly. She loves to be everywhere you go. Very good with people and eagerly gets to know new faces.

Rain is a 28 lbs fully grown Miniature Golden Retriever that is sized down with The King Charles cavalier Cocker Spaniel. This girl is eager to please and has a mild temperament and fits in well with other dogs. Rain has some of the cutest puppies and truly has the qualities of a Golden Retriever in a smaller package.