Miniature golden retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens out of the Spring Has Sprung Litter at nine weeks old.

Bud and Breezy.

Breezy and Bud are two sweet miniature golden retriever puppies that are available from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. They are from Ari who is from us at Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens and then sire with Pine who is from my brother and sister in law from Taylormade Mini Goldens.

Parentage: Ari is a 26lbs Cocker Spaniel from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. She has good OFA on hips and shoulders. She is low shedding and has a silky feeling fur. She is energetic and playful. Ari picks up on things quickly and is highly food motivated.

Pine is a 20lbs full grown miniature golden retriever from Taylormade Mini Goldens. He is good on OFA’s and PennHip. Born February 16th. This litter does have a chance for low shedding coats and moderate seasonal shedding coats.

Our Philosophy.

Raising healthy and happy puppies using all natural diets, family social interaction, and premium medical care through expert veterinary providers. Also you can bring home a puppy guaranteed to be healthy, happy, and warms your heart. Through this holistic approach we start our puppies on a diet that carries all the nutrition, down to the trace minerals, that they need. We want to make sure that not only are the puppies being brought up in a safe and sound environment but also that their sensory needs and medical needs are being met. We expose our puppies to an array of sounds, textures, children, kennels, litter training and car rides. To show we are serious, all puppies come with a health certificate and a health guarantee.

Please check here for more information or to see if these two are still available

Benefits of getting a puppy from Robyn’s Nest

To Breed As Healthy Of A Dog As Possible

We carefully select our Dames and Sires to try to bring you the healthiest puppy possible. Parents Are Health Tested We Run DNA Profiles On Each Parent Dog To Ensure Proper Pairings

All Parent Dogs Are Kept On A Natural And Holistic Diet We OFA Check Hips And Shoulders Vet Grade Cleaners Are Used To Ensure A Sterile Environment Each Dog Is Registered Through The Designer Breed Registry (DBR)

Our Bloodlines Are Shared With Nationally Recognized Breeders

We Make Sure These Dogs Are Living Their Best Lives

We Work With Multiple Professional and Wonderful Vets

Have A Guardian Home Program To Ensure All Dogs In The Program Get To Live The Family Life

To Provide Our Puppies With Everything Needed For A Good Foundation We try and recognize all of our dogs physical, social and mental needs.

We Believe That Giving A Healthy Diet Is The Foundation To Your Puppies Health So We Feed An All Natural And Holistic Diet

Socialized with Adults, Children, Other Dogs And A Cat Everyday

One On One Attention From Me and My Household

Early Neurological Stimulation Days 3-15

Environment We Expose Our Puppies To Car Rides, New Textures and Experiences On A Routine Basis

We Play Audio Clips Of City Sounds, Thunderstorms, Train Sounds, Fireworks and Plane Noise Each Day

Immunity Booster Received Two Weeks Before Stress Of Travel

3 To Provide You As A Future Puppy Owner A Great Experience We want you to have an amazing experience while your puppy is in my care and for years to come.

Personal Video Calls Before Puppy Choosing

Kennel/Crate Training Started

One On One Basic Training

Weekly Updates To Keep You Informed

Video Updates On Multiple Social Media Outlets

Continued Access To Me Your Breeder For Years To Come

Quick and Easy Support 6 Days A Week from 8am to 8pm

2 Year Health Guarantee That Can Be Extended To 5 Years

Comes Home With Wag Bag Of Goodies

Free Month Of Trumpanion Insurance

Puppy Comes To You On A Schedule Makes It Easier To Potty Train When You Know When They Go

Up To Date On Shots Before Coming Home Vet Checked Before Go Home Date

Each Puppy Is Micro Chipped For Peace Of Mind Of The New Owner