Benefits of Becoming a Guardian Home

  • Get a mini golden retriever at no cost-valued at $4500.
  • Significant earning potential.
  • Help and guidance from me every step of the way!

The Must’s of Becoming a Guardian Home

  • Must take your dog to the standard vet visits.
  • Must love and care for the dog.
  • Must be within a one hour drive to Springfield MO for females. 
  • Must keep your dog on breeders recommended natural and holistic diet.
  • Must sign contract.
  • Must’ve the ability to contain with real or electric fence.
  • Must have dog friendly facility or home.
  • Must keep your dog on leash in public areas.

Guardian Home Program Information

Click Here For The Companion Video

Hey guys! We are in need of a guardian home. If you are an animal lover and have been looking for your next furry best friend please look no further! We are needing Guardian Homes now! This means you can end up with a Robyn’s Nest Mini Golden with out having to pay with money. In turn we utilize your dog to provide help with the breeding program and in turn that is your payment. It would be one of the ladies pictured. Robin was the puppy chosen.

Robin the Mini Golden

Robin the Mini Golden from Robyn’s Nest Mini Golden

Some really important details that need to be addressed are that Guardian Home must keep their dog on the recommended holistic PawTree diet, keep their dog on a leash any time they are not in a fenced in location, would much prefer if you had a fenced in backyard and you must keep your robins nest dog intact until transfer of ownership has taken place. This is a contractual agreement and it is not something that is taken lightly. This means that you need to take care of the dog in order to fulfill the agreement. There is a chance that I could take the dog away if it is found that the dog is not being taken care of properly. 

Raven the Mini Golden

Raven the Mini Golden from Robyn’s Nest Mini Golden

There are different contracts that can be entered into. They depend on whether or not if your puppy is a male or a female. Guardian Home for a male doesn’t last nearly as long as it does for a female because they come to maturity at age 1 and I only have to have a couple months to take them into the vet for collections. Once the collections have been made I will fix the puppy and release ownership over to you. 

Wren the Mini Golden

Wren the Mini Golden from Robyn’s Nest Mini Golden

For a female it’s a different ball game because they are contracted in for two litters. I can handle the whelping of the litters but you need to consider the fact that they do have a litter every six months. Their first heat usually comes around eight months to one year. We do not breed on their first heat cycle. We would wait until their second heat which would be close to six months after the first one. The dame would have her first litter between 14 and 17 months old and then would only be obligated to do one more litter after that. This in turn makes it so no dogs have to live in a kennel and none are made to be breed for any extended period of time. I just need you to keep in mind that you would have to go without your dog for seven weeks every six months. We will pay female guardian homes $1000.00 per litter if I whelp them but if you are interested in learning you can whelp the litter with my guidance and supervision and you have the potential to earn $1000.00 per puppy from the litter. This gives you the potential of earning $10,000 per litter. If you like it I can show you how to whelp, manage and care for a litter. You could do this for both litters or you could do it for the first one and not want to do the second. I can whelp the second litter and you still receive $1000.00 total per litter instead of per puppy. And don’t worry I’ll rush over and help with the birth. And you are more than welcome to come and visit your girl while she is here. Also, you’ll be able to help play with puppies (Bonus).

If you were interested in some earning potential I would love to discuss options for that as well. Being a guarding home for my brother-and-sister-in-law is how I got my start and how I learned the ropes. I have no problem doing that for someone else if they would like it. But, that’s a discussion for another day. Please contact me at 417-268-5465 if you would like more information on becoming a Guardian Home for Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. Here is an informational video if you are interested.