Sneakers is a cream colored mini golden puppy that has a Gray bow and is set in a woven basket. One week old and eyes are not open yet but cute as can be. He is 12.5 oz.

First deworming for the Back To School Litter that will be two weeks tomorrow..

First deworming for The Back To School Litter of miniature golden retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Hey guys! Today we are deworming the Back To School Litter that is two weeks old tomorrow. Today we are just using pyrantel pamoate. This is always done at the two week mark. This is done as a preventative and also as a treatment. Parasites are extremely common with dogs. Some can lay dormant in the intestinal track and become active in moments of stress. To ensure that things don’t get crossed over to the puppies, we put them on a deworming regimen. This is their first initial one. And the medication is extremely easy on them. It is a little bit sticky and you don’t want to make a mess with it. I would also suggest that if you are trying up syringes to make sure to pour into a separate cup, and only dry up with clean syringes or plungers as I call them. 😀 never put a used plunger back in to refill. That way if there’s any excess left over in the cup, you can pour it back into the bottle and be insured that you won’t be cross contaminating anything. I not only treat the puppies and the mother, but I also treat the rest of the household to.

When giving the puppies, the suspension, put the plunger up to the puppies mouth and squeeze just to drop out. Once the puppies notice that there is a fluid there, they usually mimic nursing, and it makes the rest of the syringe go down easier. If there is any that drips out of the mouth, just make sure to wipe it off. I like to use baby wipes that are unscented. Very easy to keep on hand and always there and ready. With this litter, we have 10 puppies, so I am making sure that once a puppy receives there dose that they sit on the opposite side of the whelping box to ensure that there are no mixups, and everyone gets their dose. As you can see it’s easy Peezy lemon squeezy.

I do share a little bit of personal information about a trip that we have planned to go visit family. My dad is in late onset dementia and this may be one of the last big family get together’s that we would be able to get him there to see all of his siblings. Dementia sucks, and it breaks my heart. But I am so thankful that I have a husband who is going to stay and help to watch the puppies and also the capabilities of making this happen for my parents.

We do still have spots available on this litter. If anyone is interested in getting a puppy from the back to school litter you. An contact me at [email protected] You can find info and see pictures of the puppies here

If you are interested in the dewormer pyrantel pamoate you can find that here

If anyone is curious about the regimen that we follow, I can share Dr. Marty Greer’s whelping and breeding plan you can find that here