Beautiful light golden miniature golden retriever puppy from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens staring into the camera with those sweet little eyes. Purple bow and name Primrose with weight 4.3 lbs

Puppy Training Up, Off, Sit, Down and Roll Over. This video is how I introduce the new commands..

Here we are doing one of our quick little training sessions with our miniature, golden retriever puppies. This is the first day that they have been introduced to up and off. Most everyone is getting sit and down pretty good. I did also throw in a first introduction to Hudson for rollover. That’s a little bit more of a advanced move. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get that down before he goes home. But I do think that this set of puppies is going to have a very good foundation of training work underneath them. Should be very easy for their owners to pick up and carry on once they come home. And I think it’s incredibly important to show you guys the process And how it does take some awkward silences of patiently waiting for your dog to put together what you were asking with the keyword. And another major key and Puppy training is consistency. So we sit down for training sessions a couple times a day. With these guys ages their attention spans are still pretty short. So we break them up into short little five minute sessions. But these guys are smart and picking things up quickly.

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