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For the love of our Dogs and Puppies, we want to do right by them!

We are located in Springfield Mo and are happy to bring you healthy and very  well socialized puppies. From the love of our family to yours.


Healthy holistic dog food and supplements for your new furry family member.

Artemis Whelping Box

If you are thinking of having a litter I highly recommend this whelping box!

Poop Tray

This is a grate and pan set that we use for litter box training. Just a tip I use to binder clips on the ends to lock it in place.

Rescue Spray

I use this cleaner multiple times a day. Vet Used. This is for those who are breeding. New Puppy owners your pups have vaccinations. You’re good.

NuVet Supplements

We are excited to start adding a daily vitamin to our dogs regimen and boosts your puppies immunity! Order code 668308

Baxter and Bella

Make training your puppy fun with small five minute games. Use code RN25 for 25% off!


There are always other options Nevetica has an oral rinse we love and a dry shampoo. Use consultant code 829794 at check out.

Gastro Pro Plus

This is a four in one product of Probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and tummy soothing herbs. Good Gut Health holds a lot of their immunity.

Door Buddy

Do you have other pets in the house. Door buddy helps to separate kitty litters or other temptations to your pup.

Silicone Food Mats

Sometimes messes happen but make it more manageable with silicone mats under food and water bowls. We like the edge on these for spills.

Off The Ground Water Bowl

We provide multiple areas for our dogs and puppy’s to quench their thirst. Here is one we like because it locks in place.

Dog Harness

Dogs should be able to walk on both leash and harness but harness is our preferred method. Her are some we like.

Doggy Seat Belts

It’s nice to know that your puppy is safe in case of a car accident. You never know when it could happen and best to be prepared.

Puppy Play Pen

It’s best to keep a new puppy in a confined space. Especially while potty training. Can’t always have them on a leash so play pens are nice to have.


Training is so important. Having a collar that is remote control comes in handy. Puppy digging in the garden? Keeps chewing o the corner of the rug? This will help.


We like the waterproof ScruffTags Collar. These tags are smell resistant and since we take our dogs swimming all the time It’s A Must!

Personalized ID Tags

Since we have multiple dogs that play hard we like this name tag. The key ring ones get pulled off when they are wrestling. You can add an address or microchip info.

Doggy Life Vest

We do everything with our dogs and water fun is always included. Help keep your pup afloat when in deep water. Relax and rest instead of always making sure they aren’t to tired. 

Dog Seat Hammock

Protect your car. This is a seat hammock that is at a good price point. It’s water resistant, has straps, and can attach to your cars anchor system.

Waterproof Dog Blanket

We have a doggy door and that leads to wet paws sometimes. We like to protect our couch and bed with one of these waterproof blankets and they come in the cutest designs.


These are great for teething puppies. They last forever and still get picked up by our adult dogs to chew on.

Yak Cheese

This is phenomenal dog chew and can last for days.Has simple ingredients and the dogs love them!

Boredom Busters

Keeping your puppies brain working daily helps keep them out of trouble and can help wear some energy out. We love this puzzle feeders.

CBD Mega

This chew can help your pup feel at ease everyday like our dogs do or it can be given as needed. This 30mg CBD chew is the chill pill you have been looking for!

Bacon And Cheese Pill Wrap

This shelf stable product is the best way to get a cat or dogs medicine down without a fight! malleable and super easy to use and the dogs love it!

Gastro Pro Plus

Get the probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and tummy soothing herbs needed to build a healthy gut biome. We use this for both our cat and dogs. Easy to add in to their morning meal and helps all digestive track issues. Also, helps skin and shedding.


With Love

Our business is family owned and operated. A healthy and happy puppy is our ultimate goal! By genetic testing and by ensuring all parent dogs have good temperaments, all dams and sires will be carefully selected.

In addition to bringing you healthy, socialized puppies, we also ensure that none of our Dames and Sires spend their lives in a cage. We have a guardianship system in place for some of our Dames and Sires, which allows them to live their best life with loving families. You can be assured that we are not a puppy mill. If you are interested in becoming a guardian home, please contact us for an application. All guardian homes must be within a 150 mile radius of Springfield MO.