Miniature golden retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens out of the Paws Across America Litter at five weeks old

Puppy Playtime With The Puppies From The Paws Across America Litter And The Spring Has Sprung Litter.

Here is a good play video with the puppies still here at Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. All have puppy energy and love to run and play outside for their potty breaks. These miniature golden retriever puppies are sweet and love to be cuddled.We do have some that are still looking for their forever homes.

If you are interested in seeing who is still available please come and check them out here.

Our Paws Across America Litters information; Sophia Fox is a 35 lbs Miniature Golden Retriever from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. She is 67% golden retriever, 15% miniature poodle and 18% American cocker spaniel. She is intelligent and picks up on things quickly. Jack is a 16.5 lbs full grown miniature golden retriever from C&S Ranch. He has a gorgeous red coat. This will be both of their first litters but we do anticipate getting beautiful golden shades in this litter. Go home day is March 30th. This litter has potential for low shedding coats and also moderate seasonal shedding. Females; Dakota, Virginia, Dela, and Jersey Males; Tex and Utah

The Spring Has Sprung Litters information; Ari had puppies February 16th! Nine Beautiful pups! Their go home date is April 13th. Ari is a 26lbs Cocker Spaniel from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. She has good OFA on hips and shoulders. She is low shedding and has a silky feeling fur. She is energetic and playful. Ari picks up on things quickly and is highly food motivated. Pine is a 20lbs full grown miniature golden retriever from Taylormade Mini Goldens. They’ll make gorgeous puppies! Born February 16th. This litter does have a chance for low shedding coats and moderate seasonal shedding coats.

Your dog’s overall health and socialization starts with the breeder. We strive to make sure that your puppy is very loved and cared for. Starting from their first week we start Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). It provides your puppy with a head start on stress management and is beneficial to their cardiovascular and immune health. We as a family ensure that our Dames, Sires, and each litter receive the healthiest dog food we are capable of sourcing. We not only use science to give our puppies the best start nutritionally, but also employ the research of science and make sure to begin neurological stimulation as soon as possible. With neurological stimulation, your puppy will have the ability to cope with stressful situations. It will also boost your puppy’s immune system and boost their cardiovascular system, as well as gain greater resistance to disease.

We Have Two Litters of Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies Available!