Some of the puppies out of the Creme De La Creme Litter from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens.

The Creme De La Creme Litter’s Whelping Box Clean Up And Playtime.

Creme De La Creme Litter

Good morning from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. Come along with me as we go out and do a cleanup of the Crème De La Crème litters whelping box.

This video will give you some time seeing the puppies in action. This litter is about three weeks old and has a lot of English cream colored coats.

Parentage from this litter is Penny, who came from Robyn’s nest, and then Flynn Ryder who is a sire from Taylormade Mini Goldens. All the puppies are energetic and playful. And they are starting to really enjoy being loved on.

We went ahead and did a preventative measure for coccidia. Last week they did their first deworming. Most everyone is in the 2 lbs range and growing daily. Well, you guys are so cute and just chubby chubby little roly-poly’s. Floofy white roly-poly’s.

If you were interested in learning more about these puppies, or any others that are available from Robyns Nest, Mini Goldens, you can find more information here

If you would like to learn more about Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens you can find that here

The whelping box we favor is the Artemis whelping box. You can find information here (