Bentley The Mini Golden

Some Cute, Miniature, Golden Retriever Puppies That Need To Get Their Wiggles Out..

Puppy Playtime At Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Here are the puppies outdoor playtime. These are miniature, golden retriever, puppies, and we do have a couple puppies left from ourPaws Across America Litter and our Spring Has Sprung Litter. These guys are founding with wiggles and energy! They love running around and exploring all the new places in the yard that they can find. These guys are so cute and have been on their potty break. System for weeks now. We do still have a couple accidents in the evening, but for the most part, they’re all doing their potty breaks outside.

All of our puppies get a head start with starting early Neurological Stimulation, starting from Day, three through day 15 of life. We continue their socialization process with entering new sounds, smells, textures, and car rides. We wanna make sure that when Puppy comes home to you that they are at socialize as they possibly can be at their age. All of our puppies come home that checked and up-to-date on their vaccinations, And deworming.

All of our dogs come from parents that have been health checked. We get into their phenotype and genotype to ensure that we are making proper pairings. That way we can be sure that you get as healthy of a puppy as you can possibly get.

If you are interested, in more information, you can check it out here

We have out of our Paws Across America Litter;Tex dark green collar golden coat, Utah black collar golden coat, Dela light purple (lost no collar) goldne coat, Virginia pink collar golden coat, Jersey red collar and golden coat and Dakota cream collar golden coat are available

We also have out of our Spring Has Sprung Litter; Lightnin’ regular blue collar cream/light golden coat, Thunder light blue collar cream/light golden coat, Bud green collar light golden coat, and Breezy grey collar and light golden coat are looking for their forever homes as well.