Beautiful Cream Miniature Golden Retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. Says four weeks old and two pounds fourteen ounces. He is wearing a red bow and in front on some pretty foliage.

Introducing The Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies To Texture Mats. All Part Of Their Socialization..

Texture Mats For The Puppies

The gorgeous miniature golden retriever puppies out of our Back To School Litter are being introduced to texture mats. We want these guys to be introduced to as many textures, sounds and smells before they come home to you. All part of their socialization. With them not being vaccinated we need to keep playtimes inside. The texture mats are a great way for them to experience walking on new surfaces.

I have seen dogs that get nervous even in adulthood around certain surface changes. I watched my aunts dog Halo and it was back when we still had black tile in our entryway. You could not get him to even take a step on the tile. I think he thought it was a giant black hole that would swallow him up. LOl. But that is the type of behavior we are trying to ward off in these puppies. The more experiences that they have the more confident of an adult dog they will be.

Puppy socialization should not stop here. When they go home to you keep taking them places and exposing them to new situations, sounds and smells. Make sure to have them interact with new dogs and people as often as possible. The trick about new puppies though is with them not being fully vaccinated you need to make sure that their sweet little puppy paws don’t touch any public areas.

With them being young and susceptible to picking up diseases I like to cart my little puppies around in a sling. There are many things that can be picked up and are just naturally occurring like Parvo, Distemper, Kennel cough, Leptospirosis, or parasites which are their own category of things. Because of this I strongly suggest that you work with your vet and vaccinate for anything that can be a common thing in your area. I have learned that Lepto is a vaccination needed for any big city areas like New York or Washington DC area. It is spread through urine. Now these vaccines can not be given until puppy is a bit older than when they leave here. If you haven’t already gotten a vet now would be a great time to ask any friends that are pet owners who they recommend. We start doing puppy choosing this Thursday when they turn five weeks old. We do have seventh pick available.

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