Grady is an adorable three week old miniature golden retriever from Robyn’s Nest Out of the Back To School Litter. He wears a beige bow and has a cream coat.

Miniature, golden retriever, puppies playing while their whelping box gets cleaned out..

Back To School Litter Puppy Playtime While I Clean Their Whelping Box Area

Here is some close camera action of the Back To School Litter. They have just finished their breakfast of puppy mush, and we are needing to do a whelpingbox clean out. Always like to take advantage of those times for you guys to get good eyes on the puppies. There are 10 puppies in this litter. We have two females and eight males. We do have fifth pick available on this litter. If anyone is interested in adding an addition of a miniature golden retriever puppy to your family, please let me know.

We do puppy, choosing at five weeks old. This gives the puppies a little bit of a chance to see a little bit of each puppies, temperament and demeanor. These guys are getting playful and starting to interact with each other. I will be opening their play yard up to a much bigger area tomorrow, so stay tuned for more puppy playtime.

This litter is from Sophia Fox and Kevin from Taylormade Mini Goldens. Sophia is 32 pounds full grown with a beautiful English cream coat and lovely Fanning. And Kevin is a 28 pound full grown golden cocker retriever 50-50 mix that is a english cream with beautiful Fanning as well.

We do anticipate that these puppies will be in the 30 pound range full grown and with treats brought in from the parents, this litter is going to be moderate shed. They may have a couple weeks in the spring and fall when they have some shedding, but it will be moderate the rest of the year. We have been doing a lot of audio, socialization work. We make sure to go through train sounds, city sounds, thunderstorms, fireworks, doorbells, cheering and excitement, noise, and many more. We also like to make sure that we mix in a little bit of silence for them. Because if you’re not used to silence, it can make a puppy uncomfortable in a new space.

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We have started these puppies on puppy mash, which is it just ground up PawTree Kibble. I like to use the chicken and oatmeal recipe with the young puppies. It has a great fat content for their growth. And the kibble pieces themselves are the smallest that I have seen out of the recipes and intern makes it the easiest for puppies to eat. I do mix with water, GastroPro, plus and foster care GM, which is an enriched goat milk formula. The puppies do a great job eating, but they’re not that great at not getting it all over themselves just yet.

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