PawTree Is Our Dog Food of Choice

This is an instructional video on what we feed our puppy and why..

Taking a moment to share what we feed our dogs and the how’s and why’s

We utilize PawTree as a trusted dog food source. It is an all natural dog food that doesn’t have any added, byproducts, wheat or soy. I haven’t had a food recall and I absolutely love how they source their ingredients.

In this video, I go over how their food is there, a foundation of health, and the two most important supplements that guy encourage our new puppy owners to use. We like to utilize three recipes with our puppies. We use the real chicken and oatmeal, the real turkey and sweet potato, and the white fish and brown rice recipe. These all have a good fat content for puppies, and the white fish and brown rice has DHA in it and helps with eye development. I have to say that the real chicken and oatmeal is most definitely the puppies favorite and has the smallest pieces of kibble so it’s the easiest for them to start out on when giving dry kibble.

Now, the number one supplement that I would recommend to any of our new puppy owners is the GastroPro plus. This is a capsule that has probiotics, pre-biotics, enzymes and tummy, soothing herbs. This not only helps their gut biome, but it also helps them to break down and process their food. That way they get the most out of their nutrients that they possibly can. Helps them to digest it, and break it down to where they can absorb the nutrients This product also has enzymes in it like are found in organic pumpkin.

The other main supplement that I really encourage our new puppy owners to use is the salmon and Pollock oil. This stuff truly is the oil that greases all the puppies internal wheels. This not only helps with shedding, but also helps with their internal organs and to help sooth skin conditions. It’s also the primary secret of giving your puppy that lustrous coat that everyone desires. Anyways, I hope this information helps for all the people who have new puppies.

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