Jewel who is out of our Creme De La Creme Litter at six weeks old. She has a beautiful light golden coat.

Indoor play time for the puppies today since it’s raining. We are doing some sensory ball pit play..

Rainy day so indoor playoff the miniature golden retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

We are having a have an indoor playtime today. We are here in Missouri where spring rains are common. Today is a pretty overcast and cloudy day with intermittent showers. But that’s OK because we are set up to have our playtime inside.

I chose to allow them to do some sensory play with the ball pit balls. We also have that balancing toy that I love so much for the puppies. Not only because the toy itself helps to build confidence for them, but it is so easy to sanitize and wipe down. And in this business, that is important.

This is our Crème De La Crème Litter. All the puppies in this litter have found their forever homes. Their parentage is Penny who is from us here at Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. And then Flynn rider who is from my brother and sister-in-law at Taylormade Mini Goldens. This parentage gave us a whole lot of English cream and light golden puppies. They are so fluffy and cute. I absolutely love watching them toddle around.

In this video, you do see me putting up a third kennel. These puppies have been doing kennel training overnight since five weeks old. Since they were smaller, I was putting three to a kennel but now that they have grown a little bit more I am setting up a third kennel to separate them out for two in a kennel . This gives these guys a lot of exposure to the kennel and makes it much easier those first couple nights when they come home to you. We do like to keep the puppies days, enriched with lots of activities and play so that they are always using their nose, brain, and body movement.

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