The Artemis Whelping Box is pictured in bright white with the attached placard. It has quilted great whelping blankets inside with pig rails in the whelping box to help protect newborn puppies.

Setting our whelping area up for two litters and why we think the Artemis Whelping box is the best..

Setting Up For Two Litters With The Artemis Whelping Box

It has taken a long time to get to where we are in our business. We whelped puppies in our home for over two years. I had a daughter that would have to give up her room every time puppies were born. She would willingly move in with her brother but after two years it was getting harder and harder to keep the peace with the family being moved around and losing their privacy as they got more and more into their teenage years. Thats when we realized that this was not a way that we could continue doing this. We had to make the business work without all of the reorganizing and moving around every time. I’m talking bed, dresser everything every time. It was exhausting. That’s when we decided to remodel our detached garage into our new facility.

Two years later we have the building up and running. I have seen some gorgeous set ups that are built in and permanent but I wanted to make sure that everything inside was modular and could be set up or changed around depending on the needs of the day. We sometimes have older puppies with younger puppies. Maybe two litters and a couple visiting adult dogs. But no matter what I could set up different areas to maintain each mother’s necessary privacy all while allowing access to potty areas and being able to handle any other puppies or dogs in the household. The Artemis whelping box has been very easy to set up in configurations that fit each need and change we have in this fluid business. I love the versatility and the ease of cleaning. It allows for separate play areas, kennel areas and whelping areas.

You can see at one point I use a gymnastics mat to fill in a space behind the exterior wall. That allows me to tuck chords out of puppy reach. My adult dogs could access it but they are adults and trained to not mess with any chords.

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