Kennel with cream canvas cover with bumpers to deter chewing

Setting up a puppy play area for your house. I like To attach the play yard to the kennel #newpuppy.

Setting Up For A New Puppy

With new puppies going home I wanted to show how we like to set up a puppy play area in our house. There are just times you need to focus on something other than what your puppy is chewing or if they are sniffing around to potty or just investigating the area.

This Is one of the ways that we like to set things up for puppies when they are in our house. I like to use carabiners and attach to the kennel that way they don’t always have to be 100% confined to the kennel. It can be a little bit of a play area when you’re home and just need to set the Puppy down. This first cover that I’m trying out is like nylon. It did Velcro in the back and for like $10 it was a very good value. I was kinda looking for something just a little bit more heavy duty. We have been using blankets on our kennels for quite some time and it works well but it’s a very loose piece of fabric puppies can sometimes get a hold of it chew it or pull it down and sometimes it just doesn’t work out that great. This second cover here that we’re looking at is canvas it’s so much thicker it’s got an air flap in the back that is like a mesh material just so that there is some airflow. Has the option of opening up on the side or opening up on the front and I really liked the toggles that it had to hold up the flap. So, I think out of these two I am most definitely going with the canvas version and nylon is nice it’s OK but I need something that can be washable and is going to hold up for a long period of time.

All right so now I’m getting Into the kennel bumpers and there was a time that I decided I wasn’t gonna be using the wire kennels anymore because I’ve had some puppies try to chew on it and get hung up. There were never any injuries or anything like that but I just knew that it was potential out there. So, we’ve tried some fancy kennels like furniture. They are beautiful but the grid on the side is to hard to clean when you have a puppy and accidents happen. So, we’ve decided to go back to the wire kennels because there’s a huge factor in safety for puppies on just making sure that things are kept clean. These are the easiest to keep clean and these bumpers will deter puppies from chewing on the kennel. I love how easy they are to put in. They’ve got some ties that you tie to the kennel and it’s sized just right and I love the fact that it’s very easy for me to take out and throw into the washing machine along with all the other laundry.

All right, so we gotta put in our washable pee pad. I always like to have these in there for puppies just if there is an accident easier cleanup and also keep your puppy a little cleaner. And of course anytime I introduce a puppy to something new I sprinkle a treat around to make it a very joyous thing for them. Helps them to assimilate it as a happy place.


Metal Play Yard With Door

Nylon Kennel Cover

Canvas Kennel Cover

Kennel Bumpers

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