Scout has a beautiful golden coat and is a dame for Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. She is super cute as she spirals out on the bed.

We took some of our adult miniature golden retrievers to the Ozark Craft Fair and out to eat..

Adventuring with a couple of our adult miniature golden retrievers

We went on an adventure with Winnie and Carolina. They are a couple of our adult miniature golden retrievers from her eat Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. It is always good to continue your dogs socialization at no matter what age. Practice makes perfect and these guys did great! They were around heavy traffic, crowds of people, other dogs and even had manners at our local dog friendly establishment. It was a gorgeous fall day and we completely took advantage after the craft fair and hit up Galloway Station that has a lovely patio and were able to eat with the girls. Which by the way we tried their appetizer that was only $5 of the panko encrusted fried green olives. Muah! Fried perfection. If you haven’t tried this place with your furry friend and you are local to the area I’m just gonna say. The possibility is there.

We came across a local dog treat vendor that of course we had to try. I got some of the blueberry and oats treats that the girls enjoyed. You can find some great and heathy treats here

If you want to try the goods from Galloway Station you can find them here

Our girl Winnie is looking for here forever home. If anyone is interested in adding a miniature golden retriever that has already been through the puppy stages but also has her whole life ahead of her please reachout. You can email me at [email protected] or by phone which is 417-268-5465

We do have a couple puppies looking for their forever homes and you can find more info here