Mini Golden Puppy From Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens That Is English Cream. He is Six Weeks Old And Having His Second Time Outside.

Cute Puppies In The Crème De La Crème Litter Enjoy The Outside As They Learn To Potty Outside..

Miniature Golden Retrievers from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Oh my goodness! These guys have grown! They are moving and shaking’! All puppies in this litter have found their forever homes.

Here are the sweet puppies out of our Crème De La Crème Litter that are enjoying their second time outside. Everything is new to them, and they are loving it! All of these puppies are very playful and it’s good for their socialization process to not only get used to all sorts of different things that helps them to be a well rounded adult dog. We also include different textures, places, smells, sounds, other dogs and new people. And no matter how large we make the play yard inside it can never compare to the experiences your puppy can learn outside. Plus, this is the time that we move them from potty trays and they start getting used to going potty outside.

At this point, we try to keep them on a pretty good schedule that we share with all of our customers that way it is very easy for them to pick up and intuitively know when they need to go. This helps so much rather than trying to do it all willy-nilly. There’s a place for Willy-milky, it’s just not here. Plus, the schedule starts to help them to regulate their bladder.

We are here in Missouri and we have had some rain showers in the past couple days. We try to make our puppies continue indoor playtime on rainy days just because of the much greater potential of them catching something. Lots of puppy and dog issues are magnified when it rains. It washes everything into puddles and pool areas and makes it much easier for your dogs to pick it up. We continue potty breaks outside on the patio, it’s a high point in the yard. We do try to keep them out of the grass.

This is just good information to share because when your puppy comes home to you your puppy will not be fully vaccinated. We have had a lot of puppies that go to bigger cities and some areas have a lot of leptospirosis. That can be spread with something as simple as a squirrel’s urine. Keep puppies paws up off of public areas until fully vaccinated and always talk to your vet about what may be needed in your area.

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