Mini Goldens with or without Poodle

What Is A Miniature Golden Retriever?.

A New Twist on an Old Favorite: The Miniature Golden Retriever

If you’re familiar with the golden retriever breed, then you know just how wonderful and versatile these dogs can be. While the classic golden retriever is a large dog, some families may have living situations that a smaller breed is wanted. That’s where the miniature golden retriever can fill in the gap. The miniature golden retriever is a mixed breeding. However, many owners have found that miniature golden retrievers (also known as many other terms such as mini, toy and more) have many of the same characteristics that made the breed so popular in the first place, but in a smaller package. Let’s learn more about this new twist on an old favorite!

Miniature golden retriever Puppy
Super cute miniature golden retriever puppy!

Who Are They

If you’re a pet owner and are looking for a breed of dog that is active and people-pleasing, look no further than golden retrievers. These dogs love being around people. And, since they’re active, you can expect them to be your best friend in more ways than one. This is especially true if you live near water—these guys love swimming! If you want a dog that’s loyal, gentle, and healthy, consider miniature golden retrievers. They pair well with poodles and cocker spaniels because of their size difference (poodles and cocker spaniels tend to be smaller). Mixing these two breeds together will give you a great family companion who loves to play with kids and other pets. What could be better?

What Is The Difference Between a Regular Golden Retriever and the Miniature One

Mini Goldens, or Mini Goldies as they’re affectionately called, are about 25% smaller than regular dogs of their breed. Their genes come from a mix of breeds like Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. This mix keeps them from growing to be too big and makes them easier to train. While smaller in size, they still retain many of their regular Golden’s personality traits such as being people pleasing (which is why it’s common for owners to call them mini Velcro dogs) and extremely smart. They usually only have moderate seasonal shedding coats which means less cleaning up after your pup when he comes home! Sizing them down will also help reduce health issues like hip dysplasia, which may be prevalent in larger breeds due to their size

How Large Do They Grow

Miniature golden retrievers average between 8 and 16 inches in height, which is smaller than other golden retriever varieties that are 22-23 inches tall at their withers (their shoulder blades). This is partially due to a recessive gene pairing that determines whether they grow to a large size or remain miniature. There are variations of each gene pair, but one genetic testing facility reported that miniature golden retrievers had a 60% chance of being petite. They reach maturity at around 18 months and live about 12-14 years on average. Breeders also consider health and temperament when choosing their breeding stock.

Benefits to Having Them in Your Home

A miniature golden retriever is active and will enjoy getting lots of exercise outdoors—which means they’ll be more well-rested when indoors. Not only are miniature goldens pleasing to look at, but they also display a more submissive personality than larger breeds—making them people-pleasing dogs that you don’t have to worry about dominating your small children or cat. Also, their mixed breeding can make them healthier than purebreds; as these dogs tend to inherit traits from both parents rather than just one.


They may not be good for first-time dog owners: If you’re looking for a low-maintenance dog, then miniature goldens might not be right for you. They require exercise (at least two short walks per day) and mental stimulation (i.e., training). Also, if left alone for too long without proper socialization, these pups can become destructive in your home. That said, with proper care and training these sweet little guys can make great additions to any family! If you would like to see a list of low maintenance dogs please check out this list.

Myths About Them

Let’s clear up some common myths about miniature golden retrievers. Many people think that their personality is identical to that of a larger version of itself, but in fact, it can be a bit  different! Some miniature golden retrievers have unique traits inherited from its poodle ancestors (such as longer and finer hair). Some might shed less.

Where Can I Find a Breeder

Because miniature golden retrievers are a multi breeding process and a mixed-designer-breed dogs, they’re sometimes hard to find breeders for. Before purchasing a miniature golden retriever puppy, it might be best to contact local shelters in your area or rescue organizations that may have miniature golden retrievers available for adoption. If you do find a breeder for a miniature golden retriever, make sure to ask about health screenings and genetic testing (these dogs can suffer from several issues that require specific screenings) before finalizing your purchase.

Where Can I Find Out More Information About Them

Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens is a family-owned and operated business which raises miniature golden retrievers. The dogs are closely monitored and have been through genetic testing and are feed an all natural and holistic diet, so they remain healthy. All of our puppies come from healthy and happy parent dogs that have been genetically tested. This allows owners to feel secure in the health and genes that your puppy comes home with. If you’re interested in miniature golden retrievers, contact Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens for more information about how to purchase one or learn more about our services.

Mini Goldens with or without Poodle