Miniature golden retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens out of the Paws Across America Litter at ten weeks old.

Basic puppy training video with our boy Utah!.

This video goes over a brief training session with one of our miniature, golden retriever puppies named Utah. He is one of the available puppies that we have out of our Paws Across America Litter. This guy is very gentle and sweet.

In this video, I just go over how easy it is to get your puppy to sit and lay down. I use marker words. Sit, down, and yes, for when he’s done a good job. Make sure to keep your marker words, consistent. Always reward as soon as they figure out what you’re asking. Be patient with your puppy. When you say the command just wait. If your puppy doesn’t pick it up real quick, you can always walk around and change direction which is a reset. And then ask again and patiently wait. Immediately reward when he gets it right. We want to keep in mind that puppies have very short attention span’s and training sessions should probably only be about five minutes a couple times a day.

My biggest tip for you is that when you start just make sure your puppy knows you have the treat. Once his focus is on you just move the treat around and watch how your dog follows. Once you know that the dog is focusing in on you, and watching that treat, you can really make him do a lot of things simply by following the treat. When you lift it up and over their head, they do tend to sit down. Now when you start rewarding that they recognize that when their butt hits the floor that they get a treat. Always remember that consistency is key to training your puppy.

One training session will not have your puppy with perfect housemanners. But doing small training sessions overtime they do you pick up what you’re putting down.

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