Sneakers is an adorable three week old miniature golden retriever from Robyn’s Nest Out of the Back To School Litter. He wears a gray bow and has a cream coat.

Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies Get A Quick Bath And Then Some Good Playtime While They Dry Off.

Quick Bath And Some Play Time For These Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies From Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

With the miniature golden retriever puppies out of our Back To School litter being three weeks old we have started them on puppy mush. This is the messiest week that we have with the puppies. Especially since when we first start with the pottery food ground up and make sure to mix in some goat milk formula. The puppies love this, and this really helps to entice them to eat it when it they are just getting used to it but it also brings in a little bit more fat to their diet as well. But oh, does it get messy!

After I get the puppies over to the other side, you can see me change out the Whelping mats and get everything wiped down with our rescue spray, which is a veterinary grade cleaner that is safe to use around puppies. This is something that we need to do in the whelping box at least twice a day if not more in this time period. When we do meal times, we do have a round bowl that we put it in for the litter, but no matter what they seem to always step in it and get it all over them. We did take a towel and wipe them down after each meal so that they don’t get chilled from being damp. But even with wiping them down, they still end up with having some messy fur. This puts us at giving them these little wipe down bath little bit more often.

Now, since our facility was just completed last year, we have not had water brought out to the building yet because it is a very costly venture. I have a couple water basins that I usually bring down to make sure that I have access to water here. That helps me to make all the puppy mush, refill water, and anything else that may be needed down there. But since it’s fall, there’s a little bit of a chill in the air I didn’t want to bring the puppies up to the house so I brought the water down to them. They brought to big bowls that already had shampoo, mixed in. I was using the Clore 4 shampoo, which is a 4% chlorhexidine shampoo. That is anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. This is some thing that I found off of revival animal if you can find here

Most everything that’s on them is remainders of puppy mush. So, I wasn’t too concerned with the water, since it was just a quick clean and wipe down. No matter what we do we do not want the puppies to get chilled. I have raised the room to 80° and have also put in the heating pad so that they have an area to warm back up on.

The puppies weren’t quite as playful and active afterwards because of them being a little chilled. They started to pile and a cover them with a blanket, and they all took a nice quick nap as they warmed on each other and their puppy pile. It’s kind of a cycle because these guys are eating puppy mush three times a day so even though we get a wipe down and cleaned up, they’ve got another meal around the corner just a short while away. But everyone in this litter is doing great, and I know that they will be gradually working their way to soaked PawTree instead of ground up with formula. At this point meal time ends up being much cleaner than when there doing it as the mush. Until then, though we will keep them wiped down and as clean as possible.

Sorry for the video being as long as it is, but I was going to put things on faster speed but then if someone wanted to see a particular puppy, they may not be able to so it is the long extended version.

This litter of mini golden puppies, that is the back to school litter, does still have availabilities on the wait list. We have fifth pic available and we will start doing puppy choosing in a little over a week and a half. If anyone is interested in adding a miniature golden retriever puppy to their family, please reach out and we can go over details. If you would like more information about our current litters, or if you would like to know more about our future, litters you can find more information on my website here

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