Bentley The Mini Golden

A Little More Bentley Action.

Bentley was a puppy from our From The Nest Litter that had Ari as the dame and Bentley from Taylormade Mini Goldens. Yes, you heard that right. He was named after his father. We got Bentley neutered a couple weeks ago and I think that he is wrapping up his recovery. He seems to be back to his normal playful self. Looks like he will be going to New York, New York. He is one lucky boy!

We will be doing some individual videos of things that his new owners will be able to use and reference to. As we have mentioned before Bentley had some resource guarding issues. We had contacted Baxter and Bella, that we have a lifetime membership with, and set up a zoom call with the trainer. His behavior indicates that he is getting protective over his most precious resource at the moment. That could be the bed he is sitting on or a ball he likes to play with. It can even be you that he is protecting. He has something ingrained in him whether it be him being pushed off the couch instead of lead off with something he wants more or things being taken away from him. It doesn’t even need to be a treat! It can be a tug-o-war toy. We like to use pieces of his kibble in the morning before breakfast and then you don’t have to factor into new calories.

If you are interested in Baxter and Bella training memberships their link is Use code RN25 for 25% off your lifetime memberships. Number one thing to keep in mind in dealing with resource guarding is that you need to make sure you are setting yourself as the leader. Putting a bit of control over his meal time is the best place to start. We always have him sit, down, stay and then release. Then you need to make sure you are setting yourself as the leader in your walk. I will do some video showing you what I am talking about. But till then I hope you love watching some action with Bentley.