The Artemis Whelping Box

Are You Still Using Wood In Your Breeding Program? Why we are switching and our thoughts on the Artemis whelping box..

It came to my attention a while back that the original whelping box that we started using when I was doing my Guardian Home under my brother and sister-in-law was not the best material. We had made out of wood. It was sturdy construction and served us really well but with wood being absorbent, it leaves our puppies susceptible to cross-contamination of past litters. Thankfully, we have never had to deal with any illnesses in our breeding program, however when I found out that the whelping box that we were using was leaving us at a higher risk, we took action!

Our Companion Video from our YouTube channel.

I went on a deep dive and I looked into all sorts of different whelping boxes. It appeared that the EZwhelp box was the whelping box most preferred by other breeders in communities we are associated with. Due to rave reviews I was very intent on finding an EZwhelp box. However, the universe had something else in store, because no matter where I looked each distributor was out of the play yard add-on. I don’t think puppies need to have a play yard until about 3-4 weeks, but once they get to that point we really want to take every opportunity to enrich their experiences. Whether that be with space to play, toys and textures to interact with, or different sounds to get used to, one of our jobs as a breeder is to make sure our puppies are socialized and well adjusted. So having a play area attached, without having to puppy proof or gate an area, was highly important. 

After checking around the web for a long while, I realized that my hopes were being dashed, and the play yard inventory was out of stock everywhere I looked. Luckily, I came across the Artemis on Amazon. I read many of the reviews because I was concerned with ease of assembly and durability. I know puppies, and they’ll put it to the test. All the reviews said that everything slid together with ease and was an huge upgrade to what everyone previously had. The reviews sold me and I’m glad It did! Not to be a commercial, just to give credit where it’s due, I did a time lapse video on YouTube that I will attach a link to here. I give this whelping box 5-stars for what I value. It truly does go together incredibly easy, is very sturdy, and is easy to clean. It also leaves me with the capability of being able to isolate them to one box or open up access to the play yard as well. The puppies have really adjusted well and are enjoying their newfound play areas. Check out the Artemis Whelping Box Here.

There are a couple other products that we have been using in our whelping room. We have a poop tray that makes it much easier for cleaning and keeps poop off of puppies much better. Additionally we also upgraded to a stainless steel feeding dish which has really made feeding time much easier. The feeding dish has a section in the middle that stops the puppy from walking through the food and helps to keep their area and themselves cleaner when weaning with mush/soft food. Here is a link to our shop page so you can access links to these products. Once again I think some of these products help a lot with the ease of getting through all the cleaning that we as breeders have to do multiple times a day.