Bentley is our 10 month old puppy that came back to us when his owner got hurt and couldn’t handle him during recovery. He is an amazing boy and is going to bring so much joy to some families life. He came to us and had some resource guarding. We have an online dog trainer that we have a lifetime membership with. You can take online courses and can set up a phone or zoom call with and discuss your specific issues. They were able to guide us on making our presence a more happy presence.

When he gets growly when being pulled down from the couch he is being triggered by something that has happened in the past and he feels protective of his “Precious”. A resource can be anything that he is deeming his most prized resource. That could be food, a treat, a bed or couch. Even you can be a resource he feels he needs to guard. with his thought pattern going to protect mode we need to re pattern how he thinks of us. That means bribery kids. Get a treat and entice him to do your bidding. It works like a charm. Draw his attention to something else. Doing this repeat behavior he will start to assimilate you as a happy approach because you are the treat giver. This is a condensed down version and we can give more details to someone who is wanting to add him to their family.

This boy is sweet as can be and just needs someone willing to be proactive with their actions towards him and that trust relationship will establish in no time.

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If you would like to know more about Bentley or would like to apply please fill out the form here.