Bentley from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Bentley Is Getting Neutered Today.


Bentley is a 10 month old miniature golden retriever that is still looking for his forever home. He is a great dog and is at the vet right now as I post thins being neutered. His owner couldn’t care for him after an injury that rehabilitation was needed and Bentley was too much to handle while doing so.

He came to us showing signs of resource guarding but can hardly even be provoked now. I do have a phone call today with someone about him who trains dogs. And spoke with someone else who is planning on meeting him. We are hoping this is his chance to merge in with a family. But if not I want to make sure we are getting the word out.

I don’t care how old any of our dogs are if our customers are unable to care for them we always welcome our dogs back and I will do my best to find and locate a loving home for them. It would break my heart if any of our dogs ended up in a shelter. This helps our customers with lifelong support and one less thing to worry about if it is due to health or other stressful life circumstances. Bentley is our first dog we have had come back but I would do it for any of them.

We love having him in the household but I do try to only keep females in the household long term. It is difficult to handle Both male and females that are intact under the same roof. Even after Bentley is fixed that does not totally take away the want. Snipped men can still have sex and so can fixed male dogs. If this wasn’t the case I wouldn’t mind keeping him around indefinitely but my husband has something else to say about that. It is hard to tug-o-war with five dogs.

If you are interested in more information about Bentley please contact me