Bentley The Mini Golden is loving his off leash time and the sunshine on his face

Bentley’s First Day Of Recovery After Being Neutered.

Bentley is our miniature golden retriever that came back to us after his owner needed surgery and the recovery was more extensive than she could handle with a dog. He has been doing really good.

His first evening home you could tell he was affected by being put under. The poor boy didn’t have much of an appetite either. We were able to get him to take his pain medicine and he is much more like himself today. His road to recovery is going to take two weeks. He can’t have baths and must wear the cone of shame until his stitches come out.

If he was allowed to lick on it it could cause bad bacterial growth and if he was able to get his teeth on the stitches he could tug them out, and we would have an even bigger issue with the wound being opened.

Poor boy. I’ll keep you guys up to date on his recovery as we go.