Penny is a miniature golden retriever from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens. She is light golden and 36 lbs full grown.

Big day for Penny! She is being retired and today I take her in to be spayed..

Todays a big day! I am taking Penny in to be spayed. It’s the first step in the process of us, rehoming her to her forever home. She is going to be living with a fantastic couple down in Florida. She will live right by the beach and she’s gonna love being able to swim.

It’s one of the hardest things that we have to do as a Breeder. Saying goodbye. Penny was my first miniature golden retriever and she is the girl that started it all. But she deserves to have one on one attention. Right now Penny is 1 of 5 dogs in the house. Sophia is just visiting so normally it’s just four but with this many dogs in the household, she doesn’t get all the petting that she would like. Even when it comes to training, it’s hard to get to every dog every day. And one of thing that I have to consider the fact that this business is in my household. So every decision that I make doesn’t just affect my business, it affects my home life. We have had a couple dogs that have come back to us either for training or to rehome, and I have to consider that in the equation. There is always a flux in the household, sometimes we have more than other times. I would love to keep them all but we are in a residential area and just can not do that. So, it is in her best interest to be able to relax in a nice and calm environment.

This was one of the decisions that I sat on for probably about six months. It’s funny how things work out tough. Because right at the time that I had made the decision, this couple had reached out. And they were willing to wait for her to have her final litter. They were the perfect match and reached out at the perfect time. See a lot of our dogs when they retire from us they already have a home. Because they’re already with their forever home through the Guardian Home program. But when one of the girls retire from our house, that’s when it’s an opportunity for someone to get a full grown, housebroken and that has house manners dame from us. We do have a contact list started and I can reach out when we have an adult become available if any one is interested.

We do have another female that we will be retiring, but it will be quite a while. Ari is going to be having her last and final litter. She only cycles every eight months so she will be here for quite some time but I know that things work out the way that they’re supposed to And I know that will find an amazing family for her as well. All of these dogs have a piece of me that goes with them. Penny is no different. She came to us as a little bit older of a puppy and was very nervous around people. It even took her a couple months to be relaxed around us. Over the years though she has had a lot of exposure to new people and things, and she is much more settled than what she was when she came to us as a puppy. And that I feel like she carries on a piece from us in into her new home.

I am incredibly grateful to all of our families that either get a puppy from us or an adult dog from us. If you guys are interested in a future puppy from us, we do have a litter coming up between Sophia and we are using the sire Kevin from my brother and sister-in-law at Taylormade Mini Goldens. If you would like for more information. You can find out here.

If you would like to know more about our program, you can find information here #robynsnestminigoldens