Doing A DNA Test From Embark Vet.

Doing A DNA Test From Embark Vet

I just wanted to take a quick moment to show you how easy it is to do in Embark Vet DNA test. We are keeping Goose who will be named Oakley in the breeding program. He has found a wonderful home that has other dogs and a cat. Plenty of playmates and his parents seem pretty dang amazing! 

Doing a DNA test from embark is quite simple. You do need to make sure that you go online and activate your kit before you mail it back. I have done a DNA test on Floyd who is another male from one of our past litters who will be a future sire. And then today I’m going to do the DNA test on Oakley and Robin. Now Robin is going to be kept in the breeding program and she has someone who is coming over to meet her. (Didn’t work out🙁) Hopefully we will have found a Guardian Home for her soon. (If interested in the guardian home program contact Robyn @417-268-5465). She truly is so smart and sweet I find it really hard to believe that someone wouldn’t fall in love with her at first sight. 

Here is a video so that you can see how easy it is. And the reason that we do this is because it is incredibly important to make sure that when we pair a set of dogs together that they have the proper markers and alleles to ensure a healthy litter for life. If things like this are not looked into there are issues that can arise and we want to make sure that none of the dogs that go home from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens have specific double markers or anything like that that could lead to health issues later on in life. We genetic testing each Dame and Sire at Robyn’s Nest Mini Golden.