Arowyn of Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Learn how to handle ear washing for your dogs. It’s regular maintenance and everyone should know how.

Needed to do some ear washers and I thought I would explain how it can be done. Also, how simple it is and not that time consuming. Ari is always a good sport about it and then we also do Bentley and Sophia’s ears. Bentley is doing much better with them now but at first he did not like the sound of the wash when squeezed in his ears. I get it.

Spray the solution in the ear canal and then agitate it through the ear. I gently squeeze and swish it around. It can usually be heard. And as simple as that was now all you have to do is grab a couple paper towels and start wiping it all out. Make sure that you run a dry piece of the paper towel through all the tunnels and divots of the ear canal. We don’t want to leave any moisture in there. I love our Paw Tree ear wash and ear dry which is what I normally do but Bentley had a little yeast build up so I used the one from the vet office. The ear dry really helps with this second step and always leaves me knowing that I haven’t left any moisture in the canal. But with the vet stuff we have to really make sure we get it dry.