The Artemis Whelping Box

My Process Of Setting Up Our Whelping Area For Two Litters At The Same Time And Why I Love The Artemis Whelping Box So Much!.

The Modular Capabilities Of The Artemis Whelping Box

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All in all I couldn’t say enough about how much I love the Artemis Whelping Box. This is the third one I have gotten so I am using three full sets and one is the Stuart style that has an added section on it. It is categorized as a set up combo. Now this is not our forever set up because in the future I will be utilizing these boxes to assist my guardian homes. But for now with two litters coming I want the mothers to have space and for that to grow into puppy play areas.

Artemis Whelping;

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I love how modular this is and how it gives me the design options on how I want to corral all these tiny miniature golden retrievers. I also show you the disinfectant spray Rescue that we use. I buy the large bottle that is concentrated and then a ready to use spray bottle. That way when I mix it it can go in a labeled bottle so there isn’t ever any confusion on what is in the bottle.

Rescue Spray;