The Paws Across America Litter Have Arrived

Puppies Are Here! Behind The Scenes On How We Track And Handle The Paws Across America Litter.

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This is a long video of what and how we handle things on a daily routine. Puppies and momma are closely monitored We do weight checks at least twice a day. I show you how we do bedding switch outs and also how to bind our girl Flo’s legs since she has swimmers legs. Since puppies bones and joints are not fused at birth sometimes it can get crowded in the belly and splay a puppies legs. We do simple first aide bindings to train them to stay in the proper position. I do apologize for cutting my head off in one of the weight ins. We did start doing some milk replacements especially since there are 14 puppies and that is a lot of mouths to feed.

This was a decision that was made after trying my second multi puppy boob like feeder. I have yet to have good luck with these and a 0-3 month old baby bottle does the best job.

Couple links I’d like to share New fountain waterer for the dogs

Rescue spray

Silicone multi dog boob feeder