Group shot of all 14 puppies from the Paws Across America Litter of miniature golden retriever puppies.

Puppy Playtime For The Paws Across America Litter-Everyone Gets A New Collar.

This is the long version of the Paws Across America Litter

The Paws Across America Litter have gotten their new collars. We did have to change a couple of their collars color due to only so many colors being offered. Texas aka Tex is now dark green, Utah went from white to black and Carolina was a Tiffany blue and is now light blue.

All the puppies are playful and active. Florida aka Flo is still the smallest in this litter. She is the pup that was born with swimmers legs. She is the cutest and tiniest little thing. Don’t let the size fool you, the girl has got big personality. Same for Jersey. She is a lot of personality in this tiny package.

I hope you guys enjoy watching these little paws play. This litter is sired by Jack and Sophia. For additional information please check it out here

If you’d like to see the benefits of getting a puppy from Robyn’s Nest We do still have spots available on this list.

Puppy choosing is this Thursday March 9th 2023. you can email me at [email protected]

You can watch the shot version here