Hello Puppy families! 

We are so excited that our puppies had their first training session with our trainer Lindsey Hollis. She is a natural wonder with dogs! In this video we are going to go over bite inhibition, sitting, and working through some of those puppy temper tantrum‘s! 

I have broken up each Puppies video in chapters so you can forward through just to see your puppy at work. I would suggest that if you have the time go ahead and watch the whole video I know it’s long but she gives little morsels of helpful information throughout the video and all of it gives you guys an idea of how to continue the training when your puppy comes home. Each wag bag is going to come home with a clicker so you can continue training. The puppies absolutely love their PawTree Treats. Click here for a link to order. Remember these can be broken up easily to make one treat last for quite a bit of training. 

Lindsay is coming over again this week. I will film that session as well. That way we can go over a couple more simple little games to help you guys train your puppies. Always remember puppies have a very short attention span and breaking these games up into short little five minute segments is not only easier on you but also easier on your puppy.

 I hope this helps with the transition of your puppy into your home and I am so excited for you guys to meet your new furry family members. These guys have been so wonderful to work with and I am going to miss them so much but to see all the great families that they get to go to is amazing! As time goes on if you’d like to follow along I will continue to do training videos featuring Lindsey Hollis.