Angry Orange

Putting Together A Place To Sleep Next To The Puppies And What We Use To Deter Dogs That Chew On Material.

A Futon To Sleep On And What We DO To Keep Dogs From Chewing On It

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I ordered another Artemis Whelping box and got real excited when a big box came. It ended up being the crushed velvet futon I had ordered from Way-fair.

Blue Velvet Futon;

There is some disappointment but it quickly turns to excitement again when I see that beautiful fabric. We had a litter in the past that needed a lot of extra attention and I had to sleep right beside the whelping box to keep a close eye on things. We have a blow up mattress from camping but have had to fix a couple holes in it and honestly I think the holes got there due to dog nails. I needed something that could function as a sitting area and can be folded out to sleep on when needed. And of course blue is one of my favorite colors.

I think this piece will have a lot of action now that we have put a tv in here. That way we can have our family movie nights and still be able to cuddle puppies easily. Which is very important for the puppies socialization and development. We also want this to be an extension of our home and living space. We want the puppies getting used to all of the normal everyday household noises.

At the very end of the video I shared our new found love for a product called Angry Orange. This product is made with essential oils and smells wonderful! I do have a material chewer and have already lost a couch cushion to this bad habit. With this new couch I am spritzing it daily and the smell that I find as a wonderful, is unliked by the dogs and they leave it alone. This is a great piece of information for any dog owners out there that have a material loving chewer.

Angry Orange;

If anyone is interested in one of our Spring litters that is coming up please check out this page for parentage.