Rainbo from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens

Rainbo Vlog: Day Four.

Rainbo Vlog: Day Four

New things everyday for Rainbo but today she went for her first walk ever. we used a slip leash for awhile and then let her off leash so she got used to traveling with us as a pack. She did her training with my husband John who is just as hands on with the dogs as I am. He does a wonderful job with training. Rainbo continues to do good with her potty training with the doggy door. We did have a piddle in the house today but she is eight weeks old and I would rather focus on how many times she made it outside rather than the one time she didn’t. She is incredibly intelligent and picks up on things fast. We did have someone contact us about purchasing Rainbo. We will have to wait and see if she is going to be a Washington Girl! Go SeaHawks! Right? Oh no, it’s The Commanders. Go Commanders! You may be getting n array of colors as Rainbo hits your turf! Woot Woo!