Puppy pile cuteness from our Paws Across America Litter

Second video today of Paws Across America litters playtime for puppy families to get a good look..

More puppy playtime action

We have families that are getting ready to do their puppy selection. We want to give them every opportunity to see their puppy grow. Playtime is a great time for me to get the puppies box all cleaned up and a great time to get some video action!

Each puppy is very active and playful. They enjoy tugging on each others ears and collars as they play. Which is good. A lot of what a puppy learns in the time frame before going home comes from their littermates. Whether that be toughness or learning to read other doggies body language. One of the main reasons we do not allow puppy to go home until eight weeks. Science has proven that there is so much that they learn from littermates in this formable time. Also, why it is incredibly important for you as puppy owners to continue their socialization when they come home to you. Take them to that hardware store or to the family bbq if possible. They need to be around sights, sounds, people and other dogs and animals. This will help them through their whole life.

If you would like to know more about this litter check us out here https://robynsnestminigoldens.com/miniature-golden-retriever-puppies/

If you would like to apply for a puppy you can find that here https://robynsnestminigoldens.com/apply-today/