Tennessee is a miniature golden retriever puppy out of our Paws Across America Litter. He has the orange collar and is snoozing.

Some playtime action of the Paws Across America Litter.

Some playtime with the Paws Across America Litter and Koa

Puppy playtime is happening!

I am trying to give plenty of opportunity to our families that have puppy choosing coming up a good chance to see the Paws Across America Litter’s miniature golden retriever puppies in action. This gives you a chance to see the size difference in some of the puppies. With their sire being 17 lbs full grown we have some that are favoring his sizing. We still have some that are estimating to be in the lower thirty pound range but a couple definitely look like they are going to favor their dad.

Speaking of sizing this litter has some of our smallest puppies that we have had to date. They are gorgeous shades of golden coats and will be available to go home March 30th. They all have a playful nature and enjoy being snuggled and loved on.

If you are interested in more information you can find it https://robynsnestminigoldens.com/miniature-golden-retriever-puppies/

If you are interested in a puppy from the Paws Across America Litter you can apply here https://robynsnestminigoldens.com/apply-today/