Sophia Fox Of Robyn’s Nest

Sophia Fox’s Delivery of The Paws Across America Litter.

Sophia’s delivery of Our Paws Across America Litter

Big thank you to my friend Kristen for coming over and giving me a hand. With 14 puppies it was an amazing help with making sure that everyone got on for their first latch. The first puppy born was Flo and she had swimmers legs which we have been binding to help keep them in the correct alignment.

Miss Sophia did amazing for her first litter and she took to motherhood like a champ. The girls just kept coming and we didn’t get any of the boys until the end. Sophia receives whelping paste at the beginning of labor and after each puppy. We continue supplementing calcium in her food for the remainder of the time she is nursing. Calcium supplementation can not be absorbed during pregnancy and can not be started until labor has started. We did start doing some milk replacement for the puppies because it was taxing on Sophia for keeping up.

I hope you enjoy and if anyone has any questions please let me know. She did go into labor on the same day that I had my own procedure done and that left me exhausted.