Miniature golden retriever puppies from Robyn’s Nest Mini Goldens out of the Spring Has Sprung Litter at four weeks old

Spring Has Sprung Litter – Here Is Some Playtime Action.

The Spring Has Sprung Litter of miniature golden retriever puppies.

These guys are so adorable! The playfulness is so sweet and they are interacting well with me. I am starting to see their personalities and demeanors starting to show through and I have to admit, I love being a part of this puppy pile! This litter is from Ari from us and the sire Pine came form my brother and sister in law at Taylormade Mini Goldens. He is a whopping 20 lbs full grown and Ari is 26lbs full grown. We do anticipate that they will stay with in the parentage size range.

We do have a couple puppies that will have shorter coats and some that will have more fanning like the golden retrievers. No matter what the coat color or length though these beauties are just absolutely adorable pups! I do love how personable they are. There is no apprehension when they approach me. They enjoy the attention and love being pet.

These little guys are going to be so fun to watch gorw and play. We do still have availabilities on our list and puppy choosing starts this Thursday.

Please reach out if interested. Here is a link for more information.

This page has current puppies and future litters that we are planning.