Cute Miniature golden retriever puppy sitting outside under a fire pit

Starting A New Project-Come Brainstorm With Me.

New Project To Make Sure The Monitors Can See The Puppies

Come with me as I call my mom in for help with a project. I am not a seamstress. We need to be able to have puppies under constant monitoring. But the puppies are born really liking cover (shelter). This is how I am going to make it a win win situation. With my moms capabilities we will be able to achieve both goals. Cover for the puppies but visibility for the cameras.

We decided to do a triangular shape and raise one end to give more area for the monitors to get a close look at what is happening in the whelping box. We chose to go with the Artemis Whelping box. We actually have three different set ups to do the configuration we have. Two whelping boxes with extended play yards and then one set up combo section. You can find them here

I also go in and show you how I am getting all of my electrical cords out of being chewed on by puppies.

Its a wrap is the best product I have found to date! For any dog that needs to take pills, It’s A Wrap wraps your dogs pills in a play dough type consistency that tastes like cheese and bacon. This stuff is the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down. Find It Here

I will update when the project is complete