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Surviving Your Female Dogs First Heat Cycle.

Please keep in mind that we may receive a commission when you click on our links and make a purchase. This, however, has no bearing on our reviews and/or our comparisons. Survival during your female dogs estrous cycle. Vets recommend that your female goes through a heat cycle before being spayed. This helps your females reproductive organs and vulva to fully develop and also deters a foreskin from developing on your dogs vulva.

Being a breeder this is something that we experience all the time and here are a few tips and tricks that we have used that may help you survive your dogs first heat cycle. First off we talk about some of the first signs that appear to help you recognize when your dog is going into estrous. We discuss cloth diapers, gps tracking options for your dog and even the Angry Orange that helps so much with any material chewers that rear their teeth during their cycle. Here are some handy links of items shown or discussed in this video.

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