Rulin' is a cream colored mini golden puppy that has an orange bow and is set in a woven basket. One week old and eyes are not open yet but cute as can be. He is 1.2 lbs.

The Back To School Litter Is Getting Their Spit Baths Today.

The Back To School litter are getting their spit baths today. Too young to have full submersion and water. But that’s all right. We’ve got a warm bowl of soapy water that we are just spot washing them. Sophia, who is their mother, does an amazing job keeping up but there are times in their puppy piles that they do poop and piddle on each other. And we all know that everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. Such a sweetheart. We are getting ready to do that when we go to weekly puppy photos. 😀

To see their weekly photos you can see them here

Apologies on using a filter but our household has been getting over being sick.

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