The Professor is a cream colored mini golden puppy that has a black bow and is set in a woven basket. One week old and eyes are not open yet but cute as can be.

The sweet mini golden retriever puppies from The Back To School Litter..

The Back To School Litter

Here are some of the super sweet, cute and adorable puppies out of our Back To School Litter. These guys have their eyes open and are starting to get up and around and interact with not only their littermates but also with us. I love it when they become aware and start to play.

I was able to get a couple of individual puppies up, but I did not get everyone out of the litter because I had someone come to the door. But don’t fret I will be getting plenty more videos app of each individual puppy.

We do still have spots available on this waitlist and if anyone is interested, please reach out. If you were wanting more information on our current litter or our future ones, you can check that out here