Penny and Ranger’s Past Puppy

Trying To Finish Setting Up Our Facility “The Nest”.

Finishing Touches

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We have finished the remodel of our detached garage into our dog facility. I’m excited to have it all put together but in truth we are coming up on the first time we have every had over lapping litters by six weeks. I need this functional and completely put together before February. We have Sophia Fox and Ari both due.

I am trying my hand at doing my own decorating even though I do not feel like this is my forte. I try an artificial foliage wall. I’d like to have a set and ready area to handle our photo’s of the sweet puppies. I absolutely love nature and want to be surrounded by it even if it is artificial.

Artificial Foliage;

I got an L shaped desk in from Amazon that was a breeze to put together.

L shaped desk;

And we got a steal of a deal on a used tv from our neighbors business.

Eagle Pawn in Springfield Mo.;

We also ordered a new pet friendly heating pad and I got a smaller one to not sweat out the mommas.

Heating Pad For Whelping;

I was really hoping The Artemis Whelping box would have come in but it got here to late in the day. This Momma’s steam had run out by then. For this we had ordered our originals through Amazon but the one that is coming is a larger set up and I got it form their Home site.

Amazon Link For Artemis;

Artemis Home Site;