Crate and Kennel set up for your new pup

Utilizing Your Crate/Kennel Training to Facilitate In Potty Training Your Puppy.

Utilizing your Kennel/Crate Training to Help with Potty Training Your Puppy

   One of the best tools that you can use and potty training your puppy is to utilize their kennel. Also you want to be intuitive of when their potty breaks usually happen. Each time that your dog gets up, let them out of the kennel and follow up with an immediate outside potty break. It is very good to get your dog used to spending some of their restful time in their kennel. Not only does it give them a sense of comfort and safety but they do not like to soil their space. That’s where kennel or crate training really helps with potty training. Take them out when they get up and are let out and if they do not pee at that time and you know that it is usually a time of day that they do you can put them back in the kennel for another five minutes and then bring them back outside again. This will teach the puppy that they earn play time after they go potty. You would repeat this action until Puppy has done their business. 

   You want to make your kennel a familiar and comforting place. A place that your puppy wants to go. I have already put their go home stuffed animals in there and they have been playing with those so the squirrel they come home with will smell like their littermates. I am also sending baby blankets home that have been rubbed all over mama and she has slept with. Please do not wash this for a couple weeks. For overnights in the kennel I recommend hanging it on the side so they don’t soil it. These two things and toy should go in the kennel with your puppy. Give a treat each time that they go in and the door closes. And give them a little treat each time they get up from nap and go outside to go potty. Your dog will get used to this routine and  they end up potty training themselves. Building a routine and sticking with it is key. Most golden retriever mixes are very good motivated and that helps when rewarding. Remember training before breakfast is a great way to treat them with their regular PawTree kibble.