Gastro Pro Plus

What An How I Feed Our Adult Dogs.

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What And How We Feed Our Adult Dogs

What I feed my adult dogs here at Robyn’s Nest And how I give supplements and feed this many dogs. We have all of our dogs on PawTree food, Gastro Pro Plus and Salmon and Pollock oil. These three will help your dogs health to flourish. The Gastro Pro Plus is a probiotic, prebiotic with enzymes and tummy soothing herbs. This helps your dog break down and absorb their food easier. It also helps to build your dogs immune system since your 70% of their immune system is held in their gut. The salmon and pollock oil helps grease the wheel of all of their internal organs. This also helps to keep shedding to a minimum and gives them their thick lustrous coat.

Now after six months I do start our dogs on a bone and joint support tablet to nurture the fluid that they have because dogs can not produce more and once it is gone it is gone. We don’t want our dogs feeling arthritic before their time. I always give supplements separately than their food dish so one dog can’t rob another dog of what they were needing. We also start the CBD Mega at six months. This is given daily now. We used to do it on an as needed basis but learned all the continual benefits this gives to your dog including, keeping your dog calm, clearing up ear issues, and just about every system inside their bodies benefit. And you wouldn’t want a puppy to get a hold of the CBD Mega. So, we just air on the side of caution.

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